Summer camp 2016

Camp chantier
Goal Allow kindergarten students of Kpéta EPP Kpalimé (also called school of August 30) to have access to an ideal school environment likely to encourage them to have the love of education in order to succeed properly. objectives Build a building of 80 m2 for kindergarten children of EPP Kpéta of Kpalimé. To discover the cultural and tourist wealth of the Prefecture of Agou and that of Kloto to the 20 national and international volunteers present at this edition. Promote cultural ex...

Training in Installation and Programming satellite dishes

Formation en antenne parabolique
Goal : Create a professional activity for young people to enable them to have income-generating activities. objectives: Introduce participants to installation and programming techniques for satellite dishes Enable students and students to complete their studies in acceptable living conditions through an IGA Beneficiaries: High, students, unemployed youth Some images of formation in satellite dishes: Procedure: The first was from 26 to 28 December 2016 for unemp...